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ACC Roundup

The ACC/Big 10/1 Challenge is off to a good start for the ACC as Duke,
Clemson, and Wake Forest all won last night, while rebuilding Tech was in the
game with Iowa.

Let's hit the links for some game stories!


Tonight things get interesting quickly as UNC
gets Michigan State
and we find out how the point guard situation affects
them.  They had a really bad game last year with Cota at the point, so
this year's will be very interesting.
FSU gets Minnesota
and so this is a battle between two excellent
basketball minds in Steve Robinson and Don Monson. 1-2
Maryland gets Wisconsin
and both Gary Williams and Dick Bennett are surly
about their teams performance thus far.  The Terps can't
afford to play soft again.
  State is taking on Penn State, which,
well, who knows. Penn State took out Kentucky and likely shook Tubby Smith's
job security a bit to boot.  But it's still Penn State, it's still
basketball, so who the heck knows. On the other hand the Pack isn't exactly
setting the world on fire. UVa
gets Purdue
, and that should be really interesting actually. 
Remember Droopy the cartoon dog? Ok, remember the Irish bulldog that popped in
there from time to time/ That's Gene Keady. Add a combover and even Mrs. Keady couldn't tell the difference.