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ACC Roundup, Featuring Dean Dome Defecation

In local ACC news, attention is split between the upcoming interconference
challenge with the Big 10/1 and the impending UNC football fiasco.  You've
surely heard about VPI's Frank
Beamer turning down UNC,
after everyone - again - reported a done
deal.  You'd think we'd all have learned after the Williams fiasco. 
From now on, any time you hear the term "done deal," run.

So on to plan B! 
Is there a Bowden in the house?  The Greensboro paper points out that with
a lot of jobs open, including Arizona, Arizona Sate, and Alabaman, UNC is down
the pecking list.  And since Georgia's Jim Donnan and Northwestern's Randy
Walker both said no to Dick, next up is the guy at Western Michigan, which
pretty emphatically rules out bringing in a big name coach.  Not to say
that a small-school coach can't be great - Lou Holtz started at W&M, and
Spurrier was widely considered a lightweight before the job he did at Duke - but
it's not predictable. 

In an underreported UNC story, some
memorabilia was pilfered from the Dean Dome over the Holiday
.  We had
wondered if it was a UNC fan who wanted some keen stuff, but since someone took
a dump on the Dean Dome floor, we have to assume not.  Desecration by

Among the missing items: Antwan Jamison's retired jersey, a photo of the
1999-2000 team, and an NCAA banner of some sort.

With both Maryland and State off to feckless beginnings, the ACC/Big 10/1
Challenge is more critical than it would have been otherwise, particularly for
State, because their RPI ranking was hammered last week.  If they lose
again, though it's early, the odds on the tourney go down correspondingly. 
We had thought that Wisconsin, being disciplined and hard-nosed, would rub
Maryland's nose in it, but Dick
Bennett says that not all is well in Dairy-ville
, so there is hope,