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ACC-Big 10/1 Challenge Predictions!

Wake Michigan ACC
Northwestern Clemson ACC
Illinois Duke ACC
Tech Iowa Big 10
Purdue UVa ACC
UNC MSU Big 10
Maryland Wisconsin Big 10
Penn St NCSU Big 10
Minnesota FSU ACC

Ok, time for predictions for the ACC/Big 10/1 Challenge!  

  • Wake-Michigan: we'll take Wake. Michigan is down after losing their
    all-freshman backcourt from last season.  Brian Ellerbee is on the
    ropes at Michigan, and Wake is surging despite not having Rafael Vidauretta.
  • Northwestern at Clemson.  Clemson gave Seton Hall a game the other
    day, and Northwestern is still adjusting to Carmody's style.  He's the better
    coach, but it's a subtle system.  Clemson has a chance to make some
    points here.
  • Illinois vs. Duke.  A tough battle, but we think Duke will prevail
  • Georgia Tech at Iowa.  Iowa should win easily.
  • Purdue at Virginia.  Tough call.  Purdue is high after upsetting
    Arizona, but UVa is not going to stand still.  We'll call it a tossup
    and ask for a Florida recount after it's over.  But to be consistent,
    we'll pick, and we'll take UVa.
  • UNC at Michigan State. No question in our mind, Michigan State can counter
    everything UNC has, including, to some extent, Brendan Haywood.  MSU
    wins without too much trouble.
  • Maryland at Wisconsin.  It's early and funny to say, but the Terps
    are desperate.  Bad team to run into when you're desperate. We'll
    figure Maryland has been taken to the woodshed by Gary but the Badgers will
    still win.
  • Penn St at NCSU.  Another tough call, and we don't know much about
    Penn State, other than they upset Kentucky in Rupp.  But we know how
    State is playing, and they're just as desperate as Maryland.
  • Minnesota at FSU. FSU has played well early, despite having a rugged
    schedule and a losing record. We'll take them on the theory that they are
    usually more prepared early than their opponents.

The ones we think we're most likely to blow are Duke-Illinois,
Northwestern-Clemson, and Purdue-UVa.  We hope the ACC teams are ready to
stake a claim for the conference. Let's go ACC!