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Looks Like Beamer Said No To UNC

According to, 
Frank Beamer has decided to stay at Virginia Tech, eschewing the chance to coach
UNC.  They were the first ones with the Nascarl firing news, and if they
got this first, that's way cool.

ABC is also reporting it.

One of the great pleasures of seeing Frank Beamer turn down UNC is in seeing
Art Chansky get it wrong yet again
on a coaching change.
He said for a long time that it was a "done
deal" that Roy Williams would take the job when Dean left, then, later,
when Gut did.


In his latest article, he
also said it was "as much a done deal as can be without Beamer having put pen to paper."

What's today's lesson? If Chansky utters the phrase "a done
deal," well, it's probably time for another T-shirt.