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ACC Roundup

ACC news today is dominated by football, with UNC getting
Frank Beamer on campu
s and Wake
Forest kicking Jim Caldwell out.
Saying that he was a "decent and
honorable man" they still fired him for not
winning enough,
which begs the logical question: at a school with less than
(we think) 3,000 students, how much can the football team be expected to win?

As for Beamer, when he started at Virgina Tech, he had several bad years in a
row before turning them into a powerhouse. Obviously he's a skilled coach, but
UNC didn't have the patience to let Carl Torbush struggle. What if Beamer does
for, say (arbitrarily) four years? Also,
leaving may not be easy.

Maryland's search also continues, and
the Terps are scouring the smaller schools and the assistant's ranks as well.

The amazing thing is there are three vacancies and not one single Bowden
is being mentioned. Read the next-to-the-bottom paragraph for a bit of
Terp tension. no pun intended, but Yow!!

In the remind-me-why-college-hoops-are-better department, not that it has a
lot to do with the ACC, the
NBA wants to charge for internet radio broadcasts
. Sooooooooooooo, despite
the fact that it sounds like crap, and despite the fact that you can't really
surf without losing the stream periodically, they want an annual fee? John
Swofford, pay attention: a PR nightmare you can avoid.