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Upset Saturday & Upset UK Fans

What a wacky day in college basketball. First a cocky and arrogant Arizona
team, one which talked of being the greatest team ever, is
now 3-1.
The Weaufxgods have spoken! Second, Mike Brey's Notre
Dame team knocked off long-time power Cincinnati
, thus making a significant
statement and perhaps giving Skip Bayless something to think about.
Finally, Kentucky fell to 1-3,
losing at home to Penn State
and watching the Nittany Lions dance on the
floor in Rupp. According to ESPN, boos rained down from the
much-celebrated Kentucky fans, many of whom are now calling for Tubby Smith's
head on a platter. The UK sites are buzzing, too. Here are some posts from
the rivals UK site.

It has gotten real hard to be a wildcat fan these days. What Tubby has never gotten is that this
is't Tulsa or Georgia where getting 20 wins and an NCAA bid is all that is required to be a beloved
coach. This is Kentucky and we win National Championships here. Hopefully the new coach will
be a little bit smarter.

Folks, when you live in the Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio area you need plenty of patience when following the local teams. Item 1: UK basketball..need I say more, the days of the mid and late nineties seem like a bittersweet memory as Tubby grinds our once proud program into the NCAA's also ran pack. But, being the optimist I am..I predict the Cats will make the final four..of the NIT that is. Actually I have a solution to Tubby's woes, just schedule exhibition games for the whole season (i.e. Athletes in Action, Christian Athletes, High Five All Stars).
Item 2: UK Football. Not enough could be said for this pathetic program. Let's just hope that the Cats can finally beat UofL and Vandy next year, if not we'll understand that the deliverance of John Goodner was akin to Curry's hiring of Elliot Uzelac (you know, the offensive genius who was going to be Bill's savior). But hey..that's for another board. Item 3: Cincinnati Reds. Hey..I know this is a basketball board, but why stop. Bring in Ken Griffey, trade off the rest of the team to pay his and old man Larkin's enormous salaries. Yeah, Jim, we don't need Chris Stynes, Steve Parris, Eddie Taubensee. Item 4: Bengals football. Wait, the Bengals might actually finish somewhere other than last this season (that honor saved for the Browns, possibly). Item 5: Louisville teams.'s a bitter pill to swallow but I guess I'll have to pull for the Cards in the Liberty Bowl. Hell at least they're the only area team that will be alive in December. Yeah, true, UK basketball will be going on, but I think by the time December 29 rolls around, us Cat fans will be eagerly anticipating lacrosse season.

re: Tubby, Please Go and Take Chunky Wife!


That is uncalled for!! Sober up or shoot yourself(either is fine by me)

Is this the worst loss in the Tubby Smith era

at UK?

Was this worse than last year's loss to Dayton?

The loss to Louisville at Rupp Arena?

Or the one to Ole Miss at Rupp?

How about the ugly loss to Tennessee where 48 points would've made UK a winner?

Or perhaps the double digit defeat to a mediocre Pittsburgh team in Puerto Rico?

There have been some bad losses, guys--this one has to go down as one of the worst. Penn State is a preseason pick for last place in the Big 10. This is NOT a good team.

There are other bad losses, of course--but those are the choices I've given you for the new front page poll.

Sorry, couldn't leave up the "player who exceeded expectations the most" after this ballgame. Just couldn't do it.

What's your pick for the worst loss in the Tubby era? Log it in on the front page when you get a chance.

Cats now 2-5 in last seven games


And the two wins were over St. Bonaventure (Cats got lucky) and Jacksonville State (really a high school team).


Tubby is going to resign at the end of the year, after Saul graduates. Let's just hope he doesn't do to much harm to the program before his long overdue exit.


I hope nobody told them that they didn't really beat Kentucky. They beat a bunch of individuals that were wearing Kentucky jersey's.

Is there really any reason to get excited over beating Kentucky anymore?

No, just ask St. John's, UCLA and now Penn St. Three lossed would have been bad enough if we had already play 10-15 games, but, gentlemen, this was only game 4. I don't think 1-3 gets it done. Especially being that ALL of our opponents were ranked beneath us.

Its the tradition they're happy about beating, not the current group of individuals who don't show enough fire to melt a snowflake.