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Langdon Goes Off

Well looks like Trajan's knee surgery is a success: the Alaskan Assassin went
off in last night's game,
gunning down the Pistons with 31 points on 11-13
shooting.  He hit  all 6 three pointers, too.  It's a great
comeback for Langdon and heartening to Duke fans to see such a great kid fight
back.  Here's the boxscore. Now we dare the league to pack it in. Go on, we
dare ya.

Incidentally, the nickname Alaskan Assassin first got attention from this
page, not from Trajan's high school days as the AP claims.  It was coined by our pal Lizz, and Bob Harris used it on the radio,
and once Vitale got hold of it it was all over. It's one of our prouder accomplishments.
Here's the box score.