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Chris Burgess Back In Action!

What have they done to this guy's fashion sense??

Chris Burgess has had his debut with Utah,
against should-be patsy Southern Idaho, and
had a dud game pretty much 
- 2-6 from the floor, 2 boards, 3 fouls, no free throws yet - in 15 minutes of
time.  Much of this is probably due to his back problems.

Utah pulled it out; Majerus was reported to be irate. No word on Ken Burgess' reaction.

Of note: Jordie McTavish,
who was run off by Majerus to his and his father's dismay, now plays for
Southern Idaho. He had 15 points in 35 minutes, 4-9 from the floor, 6-6 from
the line, and 3 boards.

Also of note: former Tech guard  Travis Spivey got 27 minutes, was
4-8, 2-3 from the line, and had 3 assists.