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Temple Twice In 9 Days? Could Happen

Ankur points out to us that if Temple beats Indiana and Duke takes Texas (do
you think there's a chance that Coach K is thinking of the '95 upset by Clemson
in Cameron?), that Duke and Temple could play twice in the space of 9 days - and
the rematch is in Philly. We can't remember a non-conference scenario like
that. But it sounds like fun if it happens! Mike Davis will get a significant
early test from John Chaney
. IU squeaked
by Southern Alabama
(that's an oxymoron, huh?)

Mike Davis might have made a boo-boo when he said this: "(Temple is) a
game for George Leach to play. At 6-10, no one is going to score against
him.'' Bulletin board material for Temple, and possibly for Duke and Texas
as well. Boozer, take note!