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Record-Setting Heels Crush Duke

The football season didn't
end the way anyone wanted,
with UNC setting
an ACC record for first half points with 52.
That's an FSU-type
performance. The immediate ramifications: Duke ends 0-11 and the
improvements of the last several weeks recede. Carl Torbush, who we have
always thought seems like a decent man, probably keeps his job despite
Frank Dascenzo's cynicism on the subject
(with the department running a
deficit and five ex-basketball coaches on salary, what are the chances
he gets fired for a winning record?
), and UNC is a candidate for a bowl game
and thus Peppers and Curry may have to wait a few weeks to spice up hoops.

Incidentally, since they had 52 at the half and ended with only 59, Torbush
obviously reined his guys in and didn't run the score up and that was very kind
on his part.

In the big picture kind of stuff, it was tough season, but we think the
guys never gave up, and tried hard and improved through the season. As
always, they went to class and studied. With some solid recruits coming
in, and with an improving QB and a number of young receivers, not to mention the
new football facility, things are looking better.