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ACC Roundup

Try as we might, it is hard to imagine a more deflating game for N.C. State
than what
happened against Charlotte last night
.  After the stories of tough
summer workouts by Wilkins and Inge (a combined 5-19) and the recent excitement
over Julius Hodge, this. 
It wasn't just that they lost, but that they
were dominated.
At home. By Charlotte. Charlotte is good, but they shouldn't
be dominating
N.C. State at home.
Several of the players have adopted the theme "no
more watches," as in NIT watches.  A
few more losses like this
and watches are going to become the motif in every
ACC arena they visit.

Incidentally, one measure of the zeitgeist is the number of references to the
election. In his
column in the N&R
, Tim Peeler says "Even a Palm Beach County voter
can figure out that it wasn't enough to overcome the 49ers' poised and inspired
shooting." South Park mocked Florida harshly in a new episode.  In
general, the consensus seems to be one of ridicule.

In other bad news, State only filled half the gym.  In Reynolds, though,
10,000 would have been overflow.

Here's a late story about UNC's win over ASU, which is funny in spots. 
The kids in Boone were, uh, exuberant to say the least.

And in the realm of one-time ACCers, the Lefthander is
doing a very impressive job at Georgia State
. Who'd a thunk it?