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ACC Roundup

Perhaps the big ACC news from last night was FSU's performance vs. Florida
-they gave them all they could handle. Since this is the first game, Steve
Robinson has reasons to be proud. The Tally paper is messed up, but maybe
they'll fix it later. Here's
the link.
There's a lot in the
Gainesville paper, too, including the revelation that Teddy
Dupay has been switched to off-guard.
Udonis Haslem had
a solid game also.

Closer to home, State started their "no watches" (as in no NIT
watches) campaign with
a victory over Penn
. Damien Wilkins and Kenny Inge, who reportedly
worked very hard in the off-season, shot a combined 7-21 from the field.
Here's more from the Herald-Sun,
and here's
the Winston Salem Journal.

In Boone,
the Heels helped App State break in their new gym
- the old one was, honest
to god, a fallout shelter, but unfortunately for ASU, they inaugurated the
non-defensive new building with
a lack of defense against UNC.

Up Winston way, the Deacs poured it on Air Force,
nearly doubling
the score
on the hapless Falcons.