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Arizona Update & A Tucson Look At Duke

Not too long ago, the Arizona kids were saying that they didn't just want to
go undefeated, they wanted to be the best team ever, perfect. Laudable in
a way, but the hubris!

Anyway, it's even more obvious after the first game that wishing it and doing
it are two different things: Loren
Woods didn't start and Gilbert Arenas didn't even play.
That doesn't
mean that much, least of all this early, but it could potentially indicate a
mindset which will make it tough for Arizona to do what they want to do. They
wouldn't be the first. It happened to Michigan, to Arizona when they defended,
to UNLV, and a ton of other schools.

In other 'zona news, here's
an update on Rick Rickert,
They also have some comments on other
schools, including