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Bring On The Heels!


Well the big day is upon us, and the Duke-UNC football game is just a day
away. Normally a team coming in at 0-10 wouldn't be cause for concern,
but Duke has clearly improved in recent weeks, and one recent article said
that UNC's offense has "stagnated." Art
Chansky has professed worry.
So maybe things won't go by the script.

We hope a lot of people turn out for this game. Obviously the record isn't
what anyone would want, but our guys have worked hard, shown enormous
character, and done their absolute best. We want all Duke teams to win,
but more important than winning is how you win. Duke
football is about winners, even though it's not reflected in the record.

Incidentally, Joe Alleva did the right thing when he extended Carl Franks'
contract. The guy is doing a tremendous job though he's in a hole right
now, and his hiring will pay off.