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ACC Roundup

It's not a particularly useful measurement, but
Wake Forest beat Mt. St. Mary's last night
Jim Phelan, their legendary
coach, had very nice things to say about Wake Forest and their prospects.
Here's more from the Greensboro paper
, and here's
And also
The Charlotte web site is so unprofessionally run that
we're tempted to stop linking to it. Does no one there realize they have
had a serious problem with their templates for months now? Someone should
be fired for negligence.

In the latest ACC preview, the Baltimore Sun gives it a whack. Obviously and
understandably centered
around Maryland
, they have lots of news there of course. There's the
this-year's-required-take of the
ACC is back argument.
The other
team capsules
are fairly small.

There's also an article on young
coaches in general,
mentioning Amaker and Doherty.

In Raleigh, Damien
Wilkins is ready to kick some butt,
he says, and
the Wolfpack seems focused as well.
Both Inge and Wilkins report long,
difficult training regimes from this summer. State fans should be pleased.

In Chapel Hill, the
point guard situation continues to develop
, and Ron Curry has not yet been
added to the mix.

And in Atlanta, Paul
Hewitt has some work to do
on the various headcases at Tech. And in
there is immense pressure
for the Seminoles to defeat Florida in the first
game of their season. Well at least among the 100 or so serious fans.