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ACC Roundup

coaches are weighing in
on the new emphasis by the NCAA to cut down on
physical play and they sound a bit skeptical. But sometimes it just gets
out of hand, and something needs to be done, if for no other reason than
marketing. They already can't market familiar faces, and if they can't market an
attractive game, the college game is in trouble. Dave Odom thinks it could
backfire and lead
to too much zone defense.
Another guy who it might affect is Kenny
Inge, who has a rep with officials of having a hair trigger temper. Inge,
is a very different player now
than he was last year. He's up to 240
now and rumors of his improved shot have even reached Terence Morris. Herb
says he going to turn them loose this year
, and that also makes it harder to
stay out of foul trouble.

Speaking of hair-trigger temper, one of the biggest jerks to pass through the
ACC in a while was Rasheed Wallace, who continues
to have trouble controlling his emotions.

In Chapel Hill, the
great point guard question continues
, and if Duke manages the upset on
Saturday, then Ronald Curry will join the hunt. And if he is looking at his
third football coach - and third basketball coach?! Is that right? - he
may well decide to stick with basketball. We say third wondering if Smith
recruited him.

Up in College Park, it took
Maryland a while to get going
vs. the Cali All-Stars, and Gary actually
yanked his starters at one point. It was actually a
four point game at the half.

Down Tally way, Steve Robinson is sick of the FSU-UF game being a
pawn of football.
and in Atlanta, Paul Hewitt is
excited about his incoming players and the future in general.