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Coach G Signees and Women's B-Ball Links!

by Rob Clough

Wynter Whitley and Monique Curry both signed their letters of intent to attend Duke University next fall.

In addition to the rankings mentioned in the article, Blue Star, the
best-known recruiting service in the country, ranked Whitley #7 and Curry
#8. Any way you look at it, Duke has added two more weapons to its
already potent arsenal. The idea of teaming up Curry with Beard & Mosch
and Whitley with Tillis & Matyasovsky is an encouraging one. It
certainly softens the blow of Schweitzer, West and Parent all graduating.

* * * * * * *

For those interested in a daily fix of women's hoops news, there are a
few good sites on the web.

Let's start with Full Court Press. It's the best written women's hoops webmag out there, though a lot of it requires a subscription. Still plenty of free articles, though, and it covers all levels of basketball.

For recruiting, head nowhere else but Sibyl's page. She has a ton of links and composite ranking of several classes worth of recruits. (For the record, she has Curry at #4 and Whitley at #5).

For general and more up-to-date news, plus message boards filled with
knowledgable fans, check out the Women's Basketball Journal and Hoop Planet. Both have the ubiquitous Rivals format and offer
daily updates.

Check 'em out!