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Pete Newell Dinner

If you're attending the Pete Newell Challenge, you may want to consider attending the All-Star Dinner the evening before at The Claremont Resort in Berkeley. Attendees will be Pete Newell, Oscar Robertson, Mike Krzyzewski, Mike Montgomery, Jim Harrick, and Ben Braun (not to scare anyone off, we'll be there as well). The festivities start at 6:00pm on Wednesday, Dec. 20th. In addition to interacting with the coaches, you'll also participate in raffles to win limited-edition sports memorabilia.

Tickets are $125 per person or $1,000 for a table of ten. Proceeds go to the Gabe Arrillaga Scholarship Fund, which was created to honor the memory of Gabe Arrillaga, the last three-sport letterman at the University of California (football, basketball, baseball), who played with distinction for Coach Pete Newell.

For more information or to order tickets, call (415) 541-9430 or drop us an e-mail, and we'll hook you up with the right people.

By the way, a little piece of trivia is that there are more Duke graduates living in the Bay Area than all but four areas in the country. Approximately 4,000 Duke grads live in the Bay Area, trailing only the Research Triangle area of Raleigh-Durham (15,000), metropolitan New York and Washington, D.C. (8-9,000 each), and Atlanta (5,000).