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ACC Roundup

First, a comment on local ACC coverage: lately the N&O has really not
being doing a good job of covering Duke on-line. Today for instance though you
can find the Duke-State football game story, Duke football has been
ignored. Today there doesn't appear to be a story on the basketball game
last night. The N&O has no obligation to run Duke stories, but they
did find room to run hockey stories, racing stories, high school stories, and
even baseball. One could argue that it was an exhibition game and so why
bother? But they did manage to get State's exhibition game up.

Anyway, the N&O for years has been our first stop, and we always assumed
the Herald-Sun would have a hard time catching up when they finally went on
line. But surprise - they are putting up tons of stuff, they are putting
it up quickly, and you can generally find the Duke story without looking too
hard. It's not like the N&O charges for their service, so how can we
complain, but now that there are more alternatives, we'll just look elsewhere
when they let us down.

Ok, on to the news! UNC
got a spectacular game
from Joseph Forte last night. Look
at this line
: 10-18, 12-13 from the line, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 38
points. Haywood was also very good with 24 points and 8 boards, and Lang
and Holmes both contributed. That's pretty much it, though. It's
weird to see a UNC box score which is so unbalanced.
Buzz Peterson noticed,
saying, "I don't know if he's happy with the way
his team played. It's so early."

After the consolation game, Arizona State coach Rob Evans expressed his class
this way: "I tell you, I’m going to have to do what
Mike Krzyzewski did a couple years ago — take a year off until these kids grow
up. My back’s feeling worse all the time." Toss in surgery and
bedrest and you have a deal, Rob.

Here's some more links: The
, the Chapel
Hill News

In Raleigh, the Wuffpack
rolled right
on over the California All-Stars 120-87 and worried about their
Wilkins enjoyed himself
, apparently, though Ron Kelley probably didn't: his
mom died Thursday quite unexpectedly. Our condolences to him. Obviously
she died far too young, and equally obviously, he didn't get to say goodbye.

Fayetteville has their ACC preview out, with the
standard Doherty intro article
, (national champion, bored on Wall Street,
the dominoes
falling to get the job
, being his own man, pressure, blah, blah, blah) a
Battier article
which has floated around AP for about 2 weeks now, a
Duke preview
, and the rest
of the schools as well.
They pick Chris Duhon as rookie of the year
and from what we've seen so far, it's not a stretch or anything.

Brett Friedlander says the ACC just needs to get its spin
machine tweaked
to overcome a lot of the negative stuff from the last two
years. Hermann Wendorff has a
list o' questions
going in.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has their preview out as well, and they
concur, the
ACC is back.
Well maybe
except for Tech.
Alvin Jones knows people
think he's a jerk
, and now he wants to try and put that away with a great
senior campaign.

How do you know you should put Lithium in the drinking water in South
Carolina? When you start
seeing stuff like this

"If Tommy Bowden and Lou Holtz were super heroes, which ones would they be? Why? Please include your name and city of residence with your response. "