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Lou Rickert - Don't Blame Me

Earlier we linked to a Thad Mumau story where he said that Rick Rickert's
dad, Lou, was behind Rick's waffling on his commitment to
Arizona. Specifically:

"In the 'I-know-what’s-best-for-you-son'category, Lew Rickert is
trying to push his son to the University of Minnesota.

"Rick committed to Arizona and was ready to sign until Papa Rickert
announced that his son needed more time.Translated: the father needed more time
to explain that he isn’t going to sign the letter of intent, so Rick might as
well choose Minnesota.

"It makes you wonder if perhaps Rickert might have ended up at Duke if
he was allowed to make up his own mind."

Lou says
it's not quite like that
. He says he is willing to sign wherever Rick
wants to go, but that two of Rick's buddies were going to Minnesota and they had
wanted to go together. He does have some rather choice words for Lute
Olson, however, and he gets a crack in on Clem Haskins as well.

The Mummy says he wonders if Rick would have chosen Duke if his father hadn't
"interfered." Probably not. But having seen a dad somewhat like
this recently, maybe it's just as well.