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ACC Roundup

In today's ACC links, UNC gets top billing
since they played last night,
though we're guessing no
one is happy
five point win over Winthrop
. Adam Boone is still the starting point
guard, but Brian Morrison is
making an argument.
A point
guard controversy developing?

Not much of a debut for the
Coach Doh, whose energy has been praised. It
didn't work last night
, at least not as you'd expect it to. Things may
be different tonight, as UNC gets Tulsa,
a team which has gone through Nolan Richardson, JD Barnett, Tubby Smith, Steve
Robinson, and Bill Self as their most recent coaches. Next up in the
pantheon of rising stars is Buzz Peterson.
That should make an interesting game.

Meanwhile, down Tallahassee way, FSU is getting ready for a red-hot season
opener with Florida, their least favorite University (and your least favorite
state about now we're betting). They're betting their offensive
balance is improved.
The Poop Sheet listed Nigel Dixon like he was
still Baby Beluga, but he's trimmed down a good bit. With JD Bracy on the
way, Anthony Richardson and the other kid they signed recently, plus
Michael Joiner, that's a reasonable talent base. At least talent-wise,
things are looking up in Tallahassee.