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Winthrop Almost Pulls A Shocker

What do you guys make of this? UNC had to struggle
to beat Winthrop at home in Matt Doherty's opener.
  The game was in
doubt until the last minute, and UNC never had more than a 10 point lead.  Here's
the box.

A win is a win, but to see UNC struggle against Winthrop is a bit
eye-opening.  One possible factor is that the refs, by order of Hank
Nichols, are calling the game much more closely than they have in years. For
Brendan Haywood, this could prove to be a problem.  It was very noticable
in the IKON Classic in the Garden, and we can think of a few guys who may be
shocked to realize how much the inside game has changed, notably Chris Burgess
who will either a) get called for more fouls or b) get put on the line a lot
more or c) a mix of both.  Either way it's potentially a tough situation
for Burgess and a number of other big men,  The message though is loud and

But back to last night's game: is Winthrop that good or is UNC that
bad?  First night jitters? Hard to say. But tonight we'll know more when
UNC plays the Arizona State/Tulsa game.