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Student Tickets for Illinois

Norm Bradley just posted this on the BBS:

Hi everybody. The Athletic Department graciously set aside 1,000 tickets for the Duke-Illinois game Nov. 28 in Greensboro. They will be sold to interested undergraduate and graduate students starting at 8:30 a.m. on Monday October 23 at a price of $8 each.

I'm proud to announce that there will be heavily-subsidized bus service from West Campus to the Greensboro Colliseum for up to all 1,000 student ticketholders, if there is interest. The fee will depend on student demand (which will determine how many buses we rent) but I can't see it being any higher than $5 for round-trip service, which is probably less than what you would pay for parking and gas anyway.

So undergrads and graduate students, mark the morning of Oct. 23 on your planners, and tell your friends who don't read DBR. Make sure to mention the bus service so people without cars know that there will be transportation provided.