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Tons Of Kentucky News

Kentucky Hoops has a nice article up which starts off discussing
David Harrison's football career,
and then veers off into a lot of different
stuff, including Robert Little's decision to go to Stanford. At that point this
sentence is tossed in: "One of America's traditionally great universities
beat out America's next great university (a.k.a. Kentucky) for stellar student
and promising basketball prospect Robert Little."

Quite honestly we don't know a lot about UK's academic reputation, but we do
know a lot of the things which have happened there over the years - the Emery
envelope, running the President off, and more recently the woman whose car
was hit by a Kentucky ball player, and who found herself receiving threats for
pursuing a grievance. There's a lot more, but that's all we can
think of right now. There's no particular reason Kentucky can't be
mentioned in the same breath as Stanford, but at Stanford, athletes perform in
the classroom and behave themselves generally well. If Kentucky wants that
kind of reputation, they'll have to subordinate the basketball program to the

However, even if you believe that, which we obviously do, picking Cincinnati
over Kentucky shows poor decision making. But that's just what Jason Maxiell