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Jacobs On Officials

Jacobs has a column up on officiating,
the joint SEC-ACC venture, and Fred
Barakat's career. Barakat has come in for a lot of criticism over the years,
particularly for his referee camp, but Jacobs says, in fairness, that Barakat
did a lot of good things for the ACC.

He also brings up the gem that Barakat divided coaches into several
categories, some of which are hilarious. He never said who is in which category,
but a number of them you can guess.

This story is on ACC Today. We pick on Vilcom from time to time but we do
read their stories, particularly Barry Jacobs, Eddie Landreth, and a few
others. So it pains us to say that their problems with access still aren't
resolved. If you can't get this to load, try it after rush hour, or better yet,
after 9 PM. Frequently that's the only time we can access the site, though
today is an exception.