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Divine Intervention?

We've often said that what makes this site successful and a lot of fun to do are the readers, and here's another instance:

On our Bulletin Board, there's currently a thread running entitled "Let Duke Be Duke (Not Bloody Likely)" in which there are some passionate arguments revolving around recent campus debates on how social life and academic life can co-exist and support each other at Duke. The thread was sparked by a recent article in the Chronicle that William Willimon, the Dean of Duke Chapel, has been asked by President Keohane to review the status of residential and social life at Duke, seven years after his original study that results in a number of changes, such as an all-freshman East Campus and a new alcohol policy.

Reverend Willimon (who, among other accolades, has been named one of the "Ten Greatest Preachers in the English Language," along with Billy Graham, for example) was mentioned in several of the posts in that thread, sometimes in some sharp criticism of the policies and atmosphere that emerged from his original study.

Well, guess who read those posts and responded?

Check out the Bulletin Board today for what has been - and what promises to continue to be - a lively debate. Rev. Willimon welcomes your comments and input.