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More On Redick

NC State has set their Red & White game for October
28th at the ESA,
but what's nice is that the event is free. So one
would assume if you got there early, you could get a good seat.

The N&R has a long, nice piece on JJ
Redick's decision to commit to Duke
. He talks about how his mail was getting
out of hand, and how coaches were already trying to visit the school, which
reminds us of Billy Donovan showing up at Broughton to wave at Shavlik Randolph.

more from the Winston-Salem Journal,
here's some
notes from Charlotte
, and here's an article from the Matera/Tiers
All-Star Report
. We call it that since they seem to be running it thse
days. Bob Gibbons gets quoted by his own site periodically, but he rarely
actually writes anything anymore.