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Cool Terrence Morris Article

Kyle Veltrop has an article up on Terrence Morris, saying that "Morris can
dominate, and if he does, this team is a lot closer to Duke than Duke would

A lot of people don't understand that K likes to play great teams, and that
losing isn't the end of the world. We got e-mail from someone the other day
suggesting that Krzyzewski was scared of Matt Doherty. Please.  Doherty has
done a terrific job so far, and not under the easiest circumstances mind
you,  and he's going to be an outstanding coach at UNC, but basketball is
nothing to be scared of.  What's scary is walking into a half-filled arena
and playing an uninspired opponent.  Who wants that? Every ACC game should
be a madhouse.

Trivia from the column: Maryland hasn't made it past the Sweet 16 since 1975?
Is that right?