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A Blue-White Suggestion

We went to the Blue-White game and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. However,
during the alumni game we noticed that most people were not in their seats,
which was too bad, but that got us to thinking: is the alumni game the best idea
for the Blue-White game?

Don't get us wrong, we enjoy it, and think it's a significant part of
homecoming, and it's good to see guys like Tinkerbell, Mike Lewis and Tate Armstrong show up again.  But
either in place of the alumni game, or in addition to it, wouldn't it make sense
now to showcase the women's team? Gail Goestenkors has done a magnificent job in
building that program, and it would be great to get the team out in front of a
full Cameron and let them have the spotlight.  They've earned it, they
deserve it, and they should be honored for it.  Three cheers for the women!