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A Look Around The Nation

Time to check in around the country to see how various teams are feeling
about the season. First
stop, Kentucky
,  where the zero tolerance policy about alcohol is
causing some tensions for Tubby Smith, as he wants Jules Camara back as soon as
possible, but his AD is saying
it won't happen this year
, barring a successful appeal of his
conviction.  Tubby is not happy.  He
is happy with Marquis Estill, however.

At Indiana, the distractions from the Knight circus are still dominating the
news, as a reporter has now filed
a complaint against former Knight assistant Ron Felling
, who of course has
his own suit going.  The reporter alleges Felling challenged him to
"step outside" and poked his finger in his chest repeatedly.

Louisville, things are brutally physical right now
, which is probably right
up Denny Crum's alley.

Out Mizzou way, Quin
has no problems finding a parking spot anymore,
and that means he is settled
in and ready to kick it up a notch.  On the flipside, expectations are
higher as well. By the way, Quin turns 34 tomorrow. Happy birthday, Quin!

Williams did an interview on NPR the other day on leadership
.  Let's
hope quick decision making isn't part of the drill.  Out in Tucson, Lute
Olson seems to have
found a backup for Jason Gardner
, which will help a lot this season. 
And in Cincinnati, some freshmen made an impression - and one high school kid
wants his mom to butt out
(not bad advice, since she's fixated on Fresno and says she won't sign for him anywhere else.