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C-well And Cota's New Teams

Chris Carrawell and Ed Cota, two guys who woofed at each other memorably in
the press during their respective careers, are both hoping to catch on with an
NBA team. In C-well's case, he at least is
touring with the EA Sports All-Stars and though it appears to be a split
squad he may be one of few Tar Heels to play five straight years in both Cameron
and the Dean Dome: he'll be at Cameron on November 4 and, in a piece of really
bad planning, at the Dean Dome on November 21.  Normally touring teams play
Triangle games back to back. 

Among other interesting sidebars, Jason Williams will get one more matchup
with Cota, and UNC fans will get to compare their recent point guard with Adam
Boone or whoever ends up running the show.  Should be an entertaining game.
At least Doherty won't have to worry about his point being pushed on defense!

Anyway, we hope he gets one last trip through the Triangle, but watch out for
guys named Young Allah, Eddie!