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Minnesota Gets Off Easy

We are pretty surprised, frankly, at the
penalties Minnesota is going to get from the NCAA.
For one, there is no ban
on post-season play. Considering the magnitude of the scandal, that's
incredible. Among the other results:

  • four years probation
  • reduced scholarships
  • reduced official visits
  • restricted recruiting
  • work restrictions for Clem Haskins, Alonzo Newby, and Jan Gangelhoff

The NCAA will release their report
this afternoon.

We're curious now, and while we understand the University was pro-active, it
seems obvious that there was a lack of institutional control, and so we're still
curious: what would it take today to be banned from the tournament?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Rick Rickert takes the news. He had
said that Minnesota had moved up but that missing the tourney would be a