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Duke Alumni B-Ball Events & Tickets!

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The Duke Alumni Office is sponsoring pre-game receptions and selling tickets for the games against Illinois (11/28), Portland (12/19), and Stanford (12/21). The Temple game reception and tickets unfortunately have already sold-out, but you can still order tickets through Ticketmaster.

Game tickets are not sold separately. If you want a ticket, you have to buy the package for both the reception and the particular game. If you already have a game ticket, you can purchase the reception separately. Tickets are available to "alumni, parents, friends, and Iron Dukes," which means you have to be lurking somewhere in the Duke database.

To buy tickets for the game and reception online, go to the
Alumni Office website, click on Event Registration, then click on the game of
choice. Tickets for
each event will then be sent out prior to the game.

If you have any questions, send them directly to the Alumni Office at and not to us. We won't be able to help you.

Finally, the online registration page is in a beta-stage, so if you notice any kinks, drop the Alumni Office a line.

The Alumni Office has greatly improved its service to all alums and friends of Duke in recent years, and these events and ordering features are indicative of that. The receptions are a great way to meet other Blue Devil fans. Have fun!