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Illinois Game Update!

Norm Bradley posted this info about the Illinois game on the board. We wanted
to pass it on to remind you students, and we hope a ton of you go!. Thanks Norm!


The ticket office told me that seats will be sold in decreasing order of quality, so the front of the line will get the seats closest to the court. The folks at the Greensboro Colliseum aren't big fans of unassigned seats, so you'll pretty much stand/sit where your ticket says, although I'm sure there will be some flexibility once we get there in terms of trading seats to sit next to a roommate, friend,
etc. Keep this in mind when you decide when/if to line up Monday morning

Bus transportation is finalized at a price of $5, round trip. Game tickets are $8, cash or check accepted. If you have any questions about the buses, send me an e-mail at 


And by the way, how 'bout that Dahantay Jones?? It pains me I'll never see him play in a game while an undergrad.