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Herb Gets One In The Truck

According to the Charlotte Observer,
Jordan Collins is set to commit to N.C. State
, citing potential playing
time. For State, of course, it gives them a trained big man, since you
can't go to DeMatha without being properly trained.

State's frontcourt is rapidly filling up - with Michael Bell at 6-9,
Marcus Melvin at 6-8, Damien Wilkins at small forward at 6-6, and incoming
freshmen Jordan at 6-10, 6-9 Josh Powell, and 6-7 Levi Watkins, that's a pretty
full rotation. Elton
Brown is also currently scheduled to visit Raleigh
, and of course they have
pursued Marcus Campbell as well.

It's also worth mentioning that we think this is State's first DeMatha commitment since Lowe/Whittenburg. State used to have a bit of a DeMatha pipeline and at one point Morgan Wooten was seriously considered as head coach when Norm Sloan went back to Florida.