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Quotin' Bob Packs It In!

Know how we've been saying that Quotin' Bob wasn't writing anymore and that
the All-Star Report should be called the Matera/Tiers All-Star Report? Well,
Bob has come clean.

Posting on the Sullivan thread where Sullivan attacks Jeremy Tiers for
offenses unspecified, Gibbons says he's had it with the net and he's left the
All-Star Report and is only going to do his newsletter from now on.

Frankly, he sounds awfully bitter, but we'll let you draw your own conclusions. 

"Recruiting on the net" will never be the same. There's no question that Bob is out standing in the field.

Note - since rivals has no way to keep anyone from posting as Gibbons, as a reader points out to us, there's no way to verify that it was Gibbons. Anyway, the post has been deleted. And now Rob Matera has written to say that it is not Bob Gibbons, so sorry to say, we were suckered.