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More On Clark To UVa & Misc.

Here's more on Jason Clark to UVa. Rob Matera of the Matera/Spiers
All-Star Report (we call it that since Quotin' Bob Gibbons has apparently quit
writing for them) offers
this analysis.
Dave Telep
chimes in as well.

UVa continues
to put the pieces in place
for a great center. If they get one, say DeSagana
for instance, this team is through the roof.

And speaking of Quotin' Bob, though he and his quotes have apparently left
the building,
Warren Wilkins seems to be picking up the slack.
His contributions to the
art of emphasis punctuation:

  • "blue chip"
  • "playmaker"
  • "wide open"
  • "combo"
  • "salesmanship"
  • "sweepstakes"

And speaking of weird language things, Art Chansky, who previously had made
his ardor for new UNC coach Matt Doherty known by calling him handsome, sexy,
hunky, tough-nosed and sensitive, (it's not just Matt but also a
"staff of studs") and noted his "sex appeal."

In his latest column, he continues his swoon, talking about Doherty's
"gracefully aging body."

We wouldn't bet on this, but we think Art needs to get out more.