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The Ville Searches For A Thrill

Over in Louisville,
Denny Crum brought in one-time superstar Darrell Griffith to kick things off.

He addressed the crowd at Louisville's Morning Madness and challenged the
players to be great. 

Why are we talking about Louisville? Well, ok. First, because former Dukie
Vince Taylor is working there. Second because Miss Indiana hit her first 7 3 pointers
in a 3 point contest.  But mostly because Ousmane Cisse made the practice
and was feted by the Louisville partisans who chanted his name.

Not too long ago, Duke was one of the few places where that kind of thing
happened. Duke fans may have pioneered it, as a matter of fact.  Now,
though, everyone is doing it.  At UNC's Midnight Madness they had a banner
for Shavlik Randolph, who was in attendance.  The Crazies may have to work
harder to make an impression!