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FSU Waxes Duke

To no one's great surprise,
Florida State took out their frustrations
on Duke yesterday. The
N&O managed to find room on the main sports page to link South African and
Spanish golfer,
but not a local football team.
Anyway, it
wasn't pretty.
FSU is a very powerful team and
they had their way
with Duke. Chris Weinke went nuts. The thing is, they
could have made it worse.

Still, our guys went down there and played their hearts out and they'll come
back and practice hard and hit the books. It takes a lot of discipline to
keep trying hard in the face of adversity. Duke football right now isn't about
winning games, but it is, and we hope always will be about young men with
tremendous character. That's not measured by wins and losses, though
perhaps soon the win column will reflect the sterling character of this team.