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Sister Schools Kick It Off!

Now that practice has officially started, let's see how the guys at the
sister schools are doing. Tommy told big man Samuel Dalembert he could watch
from the stands for
breaking a team rule.
No word on what it was. Here's a Q&A on
how he anticipates dealing with the season's challenges.
If you can
get your hands on the paper version of the New York Times, there's a nice
article there, but it doesn't seem to be online.

Meanwhile, in the Show-Me State, Quin is saying don't praise them,
let them show what they can do first.
Clarence Gilbert says
he's ready to step up.
Here's a
fan's take on Midnight Madness.

In South Bend, Mike Brey's start was probably diminished somewhat by Troy
Murphy's being cited for underage drinking.

Meanwhile, out West Bob Bender and his guys are looking
to the future
, which is probably smart since the immediate past ain't so

And in Delaware, David
Henderson kicked off his first season as head man
with a Midnight Madness of
his own.