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UNC Ready To Kick It Off

Matt Doherty continues to
shake things up in Chapel Hill.
According to his players, he
is working them much, much harder than Bill Guthridge did.

Everyone is shooting
for Ed Cota's job,
but his recent comments about Adam Boone suggest he may
be in the lead, and Joseph
Forte says it's Boone.
Doherty also seems pumped about Midnight
Madness, which will be UNC's first. He's basing it, of course,
on what Kansas does.

In another interesting note, Phil Ford, who of course was let go after
Doherty took over, is celebrating a year of sobriety and assessing his
life. A lot of people have been very supportive, including Mike Krzyzweski,
who has stayed in touch with him and has apparently gone out of his way a bit to
encourage Ford.