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FITS Stops By!

This year's race for The Warden's Cup tightened up just a little bit this
week as Damon "Hat Trick" Thornton logged his third arrest as a member of
the Wolfpack, thereby slicing into UNC's still daunting lead as the school
with the most athletes arrested during the "school" year.

FITS overheard one local defense attorney saying "If I were Thornton's
attorney I'd seek a change of venue to Chapel Hill where they wouldn't
convict an athlete if he attacked a baby with an axe."

Your airborn arbiter of etiquette had a good chuckle when he recently read
that Philly 76er coach Larry Brown has decided not to accompany his team to
Chapel Hill for its annual pre-season appearance. Claiming that he was
"tired" after coming back from Australia (drinking those Martinis in first
class CAN be hell) where his "dream team" barely scraped past a
raggamuffin squad of souffle' making, horsemeat eating Frenchmen, Brown
evidently wasn't up to facing Basement Dean after having declined the
opportunity to coach in The Strip Mall on the Piedmont.

And speaking of the Tar Heels, FITS certainly wouldn't dare miss this
weekend's Midnight with Matt (It's All About Me!) and the Tar Heels, marking
the coaching debut of the eighty inch ego himself!