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ACC Women's Preview #6 - Clemson

2000 Summary: 19-12, 9-7 ACC

Head Coach: Jim Davis

Who's Leaving:
Cossey, Angie/ G, 5-7 (9.2 ppg, 1.5 apg, 34% 3FG)
Leonard, Amirah/ G, 5-8 (4.2 ppg, 2.3 rpg)
Mungro, Joanie/ F, 6-2 (6.0 ppg, 5.6 rpg)
Byrd, Datishella/ F, 6-1 (5.4 ppg, 4.4 rpg)
Allen, Yoneko/ G, 5-7 (3.7 mpg)
Compton, Courtney/ G, 5-6 (2.3 mpg)

Who's Coming Back:
(*=expected starter)

*Floyd, Chrissy/ G, 5-9, So. (12.3 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 1.8 spg, 2nd team All-ACC)
*Batth, Erin/ C, 6-4, Sr. (9.3 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 1.2 bpg)
*Scott, Krystal/ G, 5-8, Jr. (9.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 3.4 apg)
*Forns, Nuria/ F, 6-1, Sr. (7.2 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 1.9 apg)
Gaines, Andrea/ G-F, 5-9, Sr. (2.5 ppg, 2.0 rpg)
Crowe, Heather/ G-F, 5-11, So. (4.6 mpg)
Wittstruck, Courtney/ G, 5-6, Jr. (2.9 mpg)
Moton, Jamine/ F-C, 6-1, Jr. (3.6 mpg)

Who's New:

*Glenny, Marci/ G-F, 5-11, Jr (Transfer from UConn)
Slosser, Maggie/ F-C, 6-2
Queen, Kanetra/ G, 5-8
Stokes, Lakeia/ G, 6-0
Holbrook, Liz/ F, 6-2
Aderhold, Julie/ F-G, 5-11

Strengths: Defense, quickness, depth

Weaknesses: Post play, experience, scoring

Scouting Report: No matter the players, no matter the personnel losses, the
smart fan simply does not bet against a Jim Davis team. He's always done
more with less in his tenure as coach, using a deep and physical rotation of
defensive-minded players. Many pundits (including the Chronicle) predicted
Clemson's demise last year after losing first team All-ACC selections Amy
Geren and Itoro Umo, but Davis reloaded with potent scorer Chrissy Floyd
as the Tigers took fourth place. While they weren't able to defeat league
leaders Duke or Virginia, they did beat State once (rather handily) and split
with UNC. The Tigers were then fed to eventual champ UConn in the second
round of the NCAA tournament, but did well to get back to the NCAA's at all.

Clemson lost a number of solid players, but none of them are irreplaceable.
Cossey was a decent scorer who could stretch defenses on occasion, but wasn't
as pure a shooter as Forns or as creative a scorer as Floyd. Mungro was the
prototypically solid Tiger forward who was solid but not spectacular, a
description that fits Byrd as well. Losing both hurts Clemson more in
terms of depth and experience than in talent, but it does mean that the
youngest post players will have to develop quickly. Leonard was another
experienced guard who could shoot a bit, but the introduction of a number of
talented guards will ease the pain of her loss.

The Tigers have long been a physical, but not dirty, team that relies on
rebounding, post scoring, and versatile inside players. Clemson makes the
other team work for points and rarely makes mistakes. Their +4.4 turnover
margin (best in the ACC) shows that they avoid giving their opponents extra
possessions. The Tigers also posted their usual solid numbers in scoring
defense (2nd), FG% defense (4th), and blocks (3rd). However, Clemson
shockingly fell down in a stat that they've owned for years: rebounding.
The Tigers had a -2.3 rebounding margin, third worst in the league. This
was due in large part to the loss of several long-time post standouts from
'99, and not enough was done to replace their work.

No blame can be laid on Batth's shoulders, however. Recovering from a
torn-up knee, she anchored the team defensively and emotionally. She
averaged three offensive rebounds a game, a crucial stat for a poor-shooting
team that needed lots of extra possessions. Batth is the only true,
experienced post player on the team, and certainly the tallest. Her knowledge
and strength will give her a big advantage over the greener ACC centers, but she
must be able to boost her shooting percentage (an anemic 38%) and has to avoid
cheap fouls. She averaged over 3 a game and fouled out of a startling 7

Forns is a solid utility player with a lot of skills who should thrive
with more shots, but won't be a dominant player. The other post players
on the team are all very young, a definite liability in the ACC. Davis has
made noise about playing little-used Moton and and Crowe more this year,
but I suspect the lion's share of back-up time will be given to the frosh.
It sounds like Holbrook will get the first crack at the rotation thanks
to her rebounding rep, but Aderhold and Slosser will get their chances
early on. It's crucial that at least one of these players must be able
to average 10-15 minutes a game to take some pressure off of Batth. With
Clemson's greater possible reliance this year on the outside shot and the
running game, the new kids don't need to be able to score at will, but
rather be able to play tough defense and rebound.

Clemson will rely on their deep, quick and talented backcourt for the
bulk of their offense. It all starts with Floyd, a player who led the team
in scoring coming off the bench for most of the year. Floyd is super-quick,
getting most of her points on drives and short jumpers. Her shooting needs
work (21% from three, 59% from the free throw line), not to mention her
propensity for turning the ball over. But Floyd makes things happen, leading
the team in steals and coming in third in assists. She'll be complemented
by Queen, a lightning-quick slasher and penetrator who will probably start
her career as a defensive specialist. Stokes is a big guard who can score
down low or hit the three. Scott is an underrated player who led the team
in assists and free throws who can also hit the three regularly.

The true x-factor for Clemson and one that could determine how high they
finish in the league, is UConn transfer Glenny. She can hit the three, post
up, and run. While she is a likely starter at wing, don't be surprised to
see her used at virtually every position. Davis loves using his post players
out on the perimeter hitting 18' jumpers, and Glenny has the skills to do
this. Paired with Batth and Floyd, Glenny gives the Tigers the star power
necessary to produce a first-division finish. If she doesn't live up to her
potential, Clemson will once again struggle offensively. But I think the
Tigers have a nice blend of post power, slashing and shooting. Combined
with their normally sticky defense, Batth's leadership and a potentially
powerful frosh class, the Tigers will be able to dominate the lesser ACC
teams and compete with the three league powers. Look for yet another NCAA
appearance, but also look for a season filled with questions. Jim Davis has
proven himself in answering these sorts of team dilemmas, and I see him
developing enough depth to play the kind of game he prefers.

Schedule Analysis: The most impressive dates on the schedule are in
Maui, where the Tigers could face Tennessee. The other tough games include
home tilts with solid SEC team Auburn and strong Virginia Tech. A road
game at Big Ten power Illinois should also be a decent test, as well as
the rivalry game with up-and-coming South Carolina. Beyond that, it's
the usual Clemson fluff: ECU, Furman, UNC-G, Wofford and Winthrop. The only
teams in the top 25 will be Tennessee and Auburn. This is a good schedule
for a young team that will take a while to settle into a rotation.

Predicted finish: 4th.