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Songaila Is Back, Still Excited

Songails is back from Sydney
, by way of Lithuania, and seems to still be a
bit amazed at his team's performance, and reception. Apparently the scene
at the airport back home was pretty intense.

Needless to say, this is likely to be a transformative experience for
Songaila, and since he knows he can hold up against NBA types, there's no
question he can thrive in college hoops as well.
Here's more from the Winston-Salem Journal.
He talks here about the
lack of class of the U.S. team, that only Tim Hardaway shook his hand. The rest,
he said, were busy proclaiming themselves #1.

This reminds us that Magic Johnson was on Letterman on Friday, and he
severely dissed the Dream Team, saying, first, that they were no Dream Team, and
that they weren't committed to winning. He pointed out that none of them had
ever won a thing, and said he wished they were more serious about things.
Well put, Magic.