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A UNC Star

We wanted to bring your attention to a man and organization that we've watched closely for a while now and for whom we have the utmost respect and admiration - Dr. Mel Levine of All Kinds of Minds. Dr. Levine is a pediatrician at UNC who was profiled last week in Newsweek's cover story on education in America. He has done brilliant research into how teaching techniques need to be tailored depending on how a child's brain is "wired." According to Dr. Levine, each child has a different way, neurologically and biologically, of processing information. As a result, highly intelligent children can struggle in school if the way they are taught does not match the way they think. A prime example is students afflicted with dyslexia.

The research has attracted the attention of Charles Schwab who, despite having severe dyslexia (we were told by an All Kinds of Mind staffer that Schwab claims he never read a complete book in his life), was able to found the eponymous brokerage firm that revolutionized the industry. Schwab has created a $10 million challenge grant and has encouraged many other individuals to donate to All Kinds of Minds.

If you have a child with a learning disability (or one that seems to struggle with schoolwork more than he or she should) or just want to learn more about it, check out their Web site. We would also be happy to hook you up with the right people over there if you are looking for an introduction (believe it or not, they're UNC fans who like us!).