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ESPN Makes A Boo-Boo

When we got our issue we looked at the picture but not carefully. The young woman mentioned does, in fact clearly have a Blue Devil on her cheek.

Check out the most recent edition of ESPN The Magazine, the college
preview issue. On page 6 and 7 they have a huge picture of a crowd
decked out in their team's colors, painted, and evidently into the
game. The caption reads "Don't Go There - O'Donnell Center,
Gainesville, Fla." Then the caption goes on to say "It's the last place
any team in its right mind, would choose to play, except for Florida and
its crazed fans, the Rowdy Reptiles. A virtual noise machine - a solid
cap that locks in sound was installed three years ago - the 12,000-seat
O-Dome represents the latest in techno-homecourt advantage."

As a Dukie, your first rather prejudiced thought is oh that's cool,
but it can't beat Cameron. But wait, look closer. All the students are
wearing pink wristbands that say "UNC", hmm sounds strangely familiar.
And isn't it interesting that the girl in the middle of the picture has
what looks to be an rather unlikely distortion of a gator on her cheek,
actually it seems to look more like a blue devil. And why does the guy
in the far left of the picture have on the same shirt that I own, I
thought my shirt said Cameron Crazies. I'll have to check my dresser to
make sure I haven't been supporting someone else. And hey, didn't I
live in the same dorm last year as the guy with the blue and white
streaks painted on his cheek? Just a little strange.

But perhaps it can all be easily explained. ESPN got a little too
excited about the new "techno-homecourt", and they obviously wanted to
put in the best picture they could find of the best fans anywhere.
Unfortunately, if I had to choose an adjective I would say the fans look
more crazy than rowdy. And too bad that if you look closely those fans
are cheering in a tiny hotbox of a homecourt that only a CAMERON CRAZIE
could call home.

More proof that there are no substitutes for the real thing.

Jason Friedhoff '03