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In a pleasant change, the N&O finally saw fit to publish the Duke
football story on their web site. Recently the Duke game stories have fallen off
the web page, and in the paper the story has been buried deep, deep
inside. So it's nice to have something to link to.

And while we're discussing papers, it is simply amazing to us that the
Charlotte paper cannot get their tables straight. For months they have had pages
up with busted tables, usually on the front of the sports page. But
there's another one in the Duke story. It's really unfortunate that a
paper which has at times been excellent can't manage to fix a simple tag.

The State suggests that Clemson's defense is in trouble because Duke scored
22 points, but the flipside of that is that Duke couldn't score 22 against Vandy
or Northwestern, so maybe, just maybe, Duke is getting better. It's an idea
which seems beyond the writer and most of the Clemson team. Certainly
Clemson is a better team, but the contempt they have shown for Duke this weekend
will be remembered.