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More On Knight

Will the yapping never stop over Bob Knight?
Latest to weigh in is Dane Fife.
Periodically he comes across a real
innocent. Either that or he's just not too bright, but a lot of athletes can be
quite bright and still quite sheltered. We're not sure where he fits on that
scale, exactly, and maybe it's just a lack of self-awareness, because a lot of
things he says are just goofy. He has some weird stuff in here, too. On
the one hand he decries Knight's firing, and on the other recognizes that there
will be more freedom for the players. He touches briefly on Battier, his
choice for POY, and about talking trash to Bob Knight when fishing. Perhaps most interestingly, he tips his hand about a second, future player revolt.

On a brighter note, here's a
really good human interest story about Mike Davis,
who has overcome a lot to
get to where he is. Now we understand why he called it a miracle, but
really what it is about is just grit. You underestimate this guy at your own