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Duke & 100 Point Games

Henry Hirose sends us this statistical insight from Japan. Thanks Henry!

Since the articles on the win at UVA mentioned that it was the first time
that Duke allowed 100+ points and won since the Kentucky game, I thought I'd
look into it the phenomenon.

From the start of the ACC (important conditional clause, I now know) to the
end of the 1999 season, Duke has allowd the opponents to score 100 or more
34 times, all but 4 of them losses. The last such win was indeed the
Kentucky game, 104-103.

The most number of points allowed in a loss was to Wake in Jan. of 1975,
122. As expected, some of our worst teams allowed many of these losses, the
75 and 76 teams each suffering four such losses and the 83 team holds the
record for seven, including our worst loss ever, a 43 point spanking by UVA
in the ACC quarters, 66-109. Oddly enough, the 90 team ties for the 4th
worst defensively challenged team with 3 such games but it did win one of
them, a 114-111 OT affair vs. Maryland in Feb. 1990. Yet this team went
29-9 and to the NCAA Finals. After this Maryland win our next such win was
the Kentucky game.

Ever since the start of the ACC, we had lost 25 consecutive games when 100+
points were allowed. Our first such win came in Jan. 87 in a 105-103 OT
game vs. Ho Grant & Co.