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ACC Roundup

The N&O trips Post-modern
and cross-gender
in a lengthy article comparing Triangle  basketball
programs to the Brady Bunch.  UNC is Marcia, Duke is Cindy, and State is
Jan.  All we want to know is who the hell is Ann B. Davis, and why is she
in the kitchen and always in such a good mood? Our money's on Bill Guthridge!

gets a chance to kick Marcia's ass tonight
to make up for her years of
snobby behavior when State visits UNC, but if we know our Marcia, and we believe we do, she won't take this sitting down!

If this game had happened a couple of
weeks ago, every emotional edge would have been State's. They still should have
most of them.  They are deep, young, and they know they are on the verge of
a major breakthrough.  Should be a great game. Just don't get uptight about
your glasses, Jan! And a Shaolin tape in the pregame wouldn't hurt either. 
more from Winston
, and here's
a Greensboro piece.

In a related and interesting note, State
might whip out some black unis tonight.
UNC without North Carolina on the
jersey? State in black? Everett Case must be spinning in his grave.

Gregg Doyell has
an article about The Dunk,
Thornton's monster slam over Mike Mardesich,
where his legs actually pass over the guy's head, and Mardesich is about 7-2. He
wasn't standing straight up, but still, it was amazing to see. Guess Damon is
healed, huh?  Gregg's article ends abruptly as the dunk did.   It
was kind of jarring, actually.

Here's a piece on how  UNC
types feel shame
at being 10-4. Shame should be reserved for taking the name
off the unis. 10-4 isn't ideal but it's not the end of the world either.

That would be Clemson.

In today's other game, UVa
and Tech duke it out.
The despair factor goes to UVa, who goes to 0-2 if
they lose this one - not good.  On the other hand, they'll have a time
controlling Collier and Alvin "the Chipmunk" Jones.